Reasons You Should Hire a Commercial Litigation Lawyer to Handle Your Business Disputes

If you find yourself in the middle of a business dispute, you should consider hiring a commercial litigation lawyer; even if the dispute seems minor. The fact is that even seemingly minor business disagreements have the potential to cause major issues if they are left unresolved.

Here are some of the ways a commercial litigation lawyer can help you deal with your business disputes:

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Commercial litigation lawyers can provide different resolution options

There are various ways to resolve business disputes. A commercial litigation lawyer knows all the options and will explain the steps involved with each choice. One option you may want to consider is mediation. This is an informal and private way for the parties involved in a business dispute to find a resolution. This process is guided by a trained mediator who must remain neutral and unbiased as he or she is only there to facilitate the discussion. The mediator has no say in the decisions that are made. If mediation is not an option for you or you have tried the process and it proved unsuccessful, you may then want to consider arbitration and litigation. This is where an arbitrator or judge will listen to arguments to make a legal judgement. To know which option will work best for your dispute, consult a commercial litigation lawyer.

A commercial litigation lawyer will explain and protect your rights

Often business disputes occur because those involved misinterpreted a contract or other documents, or because they do not understand the law as it governs business operations. When you hire a commercial litigation lawyer, he or she will carefully review the case to identify the source of the disagreement. They will also review legal statues and precedents applicable to your case. The attorney will then explain all the possible resolutions. If you’re still trying to negotiate with the other party, the information can aid the process as you what to expect if the case goes to court.

If the disagreement came about because your rights are being infringed on, consulting a commercial litigation lawyer will show the other party that you are serious about protecting those rights. This may even cause your opponent to discontinue their actions.

Do you need a commercial litigation lawyer in Vancouver?

The abovementioned points are only a few of the reasons you should consider hiring a commercial litigation lawyer. If you’re looking for an attorney in Vancouver or have any questions about how hiring one can help your business, contact us at Samuel Osei Law Corporation. We represent a range of clients from individuals to publicly listed companies and have a proven track record of success. Our dynamic law firm practices business law as well as blockchain and cryptocurrency law. While blockchain technology is arguably the most innovative technological development since the inception of the internet, the law surrounding this innovative technology can be as confusing as the technology itself.

In the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, we operate not only as advisors but as participants. This means the cognitive disconnect between us and our clients is greatly reduced. With our in-depth knowledge of both the technology and the law, we can help you confidently navigate this disruptive space. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and let’s see how we can work together to make your business a continued success.


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