Do I Need a Corporate Lawyer?

Are you wondering whether you could use the services of a corporate lawyer in Vancouver? Are you looking to give your company the best chance of contractually positioning itself when entering an agreement? Do you need someone on your side to help you when business relationships breakdown? While you won’t need a lawyer for every step of running your business, corporate lawyer can help prevent legal issues that may occur in the future.

Corporate lawyers can advise businesses on legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations that arise throughout the course of business. A corporate lawyer may also help you advocate for your company in court when business relationships sour. Corporate lawyers counsel clients and handle business transactions such as negotiation and review of contracts. They also provide advice for other business activities such as mergers, acquisitions, and corporate governance issues.

Setting Up Your Business

The most common reasons for requiring the help of a corporate lawyer for a business startup include:

  • Support with certain tasks such as trademarking your name, discussing potential legal structures, and preparing incorporation forms.
  • Allowing business owners to spend more time on other aspects of the business.
  • Help with the many forms and legal documents such as incorporation documents.

If you’ve already incorporated, a corporate lawyer can give you advice on your legal responsibilities and obligations including investor rights, acquisitions and mergers, corporate structure, and hiring. They’ll also be able to advise you on avoiding potential legal complications.

Situations Where You May Need a Business Lawyer

Some issues a business will face may be too complicated or time consuming for a business owner to handle on their own. For the following situations, it may be wise to retain a business lawyer:

  • Negotiating the sale of the business or the acquisition of another business.

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