Vancouver Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Litigation Lawyer

Vancouver Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Litigation Lawyer 2018-07-27T08:49:50+00:00

While the blockchain ecosystem has a more forgiving, “you live and you learn”, attitude toward malfeasance than the non-blockchain world, it is not immune to litigation.

The desired “anonymity” of many crypto-participants and the disclosure requirements in litigation often keeps cryptocurrency dispute resolution out of the courts. However when it occurs, blockchain litigation requires quick and sometimes injunctive action to ensure that the claiming party can actually realize on a successful judgment.

We also assess potential liability, for clients’ proposed courses of action, through legal analysis and due diligence that helps preclude litigation altogether.

We are one of the few firms with advisory and practical experience in this niche area.

Contact us as early as possible to mitigate your liability or help ensure accessibility of the assets subject to your claim.

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